At Sardegna Avventura Park, adventure
and fun are for everyone!

The Park

Sardegna Avventura Park is located in Santa Lucía, in the municipality of Siniscola (NU). It is a seaside resort on the northeast coast of Sardinia with high environmental value. It has a beautiful beach and it is completely surrounded by a pine forest planted in the 1930s. Our park is located in this forest. In Santa Lucía there is a 17th century Aragonese tower. At that time, the city was populated by fishermen from the island of Ponza.

Sardegna Avventura Park is the largest tree-lined park in Sardinia. It has 100 platforms and 87 workshops (tree-to-tree games) all equipped with a continuous lifeline and smart Click-it carabiners, 9 lanes from 0 to 7 meters, a large rest area where you can spend a fantastic day in nature immersed in the green. Fun and adrenaline rush guaranteed for children, teens and adults.

Circuits adventure

The 9 routes offered by the Adventure Park are made in full respect of nature and suitable for everyone, ensuring an exciting experience, TOTAL SAFETY GUARANTEED BY NEW ERROR-PROOF SYSTEMS. Plan your day of adventure in our theme park and experience all of ours: professionalism and hospitality. We are 100 meters from the white sandy beach and the wonderful sea of ​​the east coast of Sardinia.If you are feeling a bit Tarzan and Jane, you can choose from the tree-top adventure tours, suitable for everyone, from youngests to oldests. Ziplines, swinging logs, hanging pipes, network bridges, ladder or board walkways … and many more games. You have many options to satisfy your urge for adventure. Fun yes, but with total safety, Sardegna Avventura Park uses certified harnesses, helmets and anchoring systems that guarantee 100% safety.

Light B, yellow, orange

Accessible to children between 100 and 140 cm tall, requires adult supervision. They are located about 150 cm from the ground. Both end with a cable car. Difficulty: Easy.

Green ONE

Accessible to people with a height equal to or greater than 140 cm. The peculiarity of this circuit is the decreasing height at which the platforms are located: the first is about three meters high, and the last 50 cm from the ground. Difficulty: Easy.

Verde TWO

Accessible to people over 140 cm tall. The platforms are about three meters high. Difficulty: Medium.


Accessible to people over 140 cm tall. The platforms are all about 4 meters high. This circuit has a very technically difficult part which tests your balance and nerves. Difficulty: Medium.


Accessible to people over 140 cm tall. The platforms are about 4 meters high. Technically very difficult, the circuit begins with a vertical ladder where the arms and legs are busy, all the stages are difficult and at the end there is a snowboard which gives a unique feeling. Difficulty: Difficult.


Accessible to people taller than 140 cm. The platforms are all about 6/7 meters high. Tarzan’s leap into the net will be tested. Very technically difficult. Difficulty: Difficult.

Cable way

Accessible to people taller than 140 cm. The course is the ultimate in fun, with almost all passages being tackled using a pulley. The first platforms are about three metres high, the others 6 metres above the ground. Difficulty: medium.

What are you waiting for? Come and live the ADVENTURE!

Coming soon

First of all, what does Tree-Camping mean? It means realising the dream we’ve all had since we were children: sleeping suspended from trees to fully experience nature and the forest. At the Sardegna Avventura park, it will be possible to rent magnificent tents suspended from trees for one or more nights!
Inside the TreeCamping there are:
2 suspended tents for 3/4 people (two adults and two children or three adults).
Each tent has a wooden picnic table in the area below the tent. The 3-person tents are suspended above a ‘flying’ platform for guests to read, chat and enjoy their free time in the middle of our beautiful pine forest. There are toilets for guests use in the park.

Finally, for people who rent a tent, entry to the adventure park is at a reduced price with a €5 discount.


Admission to the park is free, fees are only charged for tours.
Reservation is always recommended!

Circuits Kid

  • 1 practice circuit
  • 3 circuits
  • Children and teens
  • Height 100 cm to 140 cm
  • 2 hours

Circuits Junior & Senior (2 hours)

  • 2 practice circuits
  • 5 circuits
  • Teens and adults
  • Minimum height 140 cm
  • 2 hours

Circuits Junior & Senior (4 hours)

  • 2 practice circuits
  • 5 circuits
  • Teens and adults
  • Minimum height 140 cm
  • 4 hours

Circuits Junior & Senior (8 hours)

  • 2 practice circuits
  • 5 circuits
  • Teens and adults
  • Minimum height 140 cm
  • 8 hours

Circuit Black

  • Teens and adults
  • Minimum height140 cm
  • Complete passage

Hanging tent

  • The night
  • Per person
  • 50% park ticket discount

The tents can accommodate 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

Prices may vary in August

Picnic tables

Comin soon


Reserved outdoor area, equipped for children’s entertainment

Coming soon


Free-body vacuum jumping from a height of 7m on a large airbag (for children and adults over 140 cm tall, minimum age 10 years)


The Sardegna Avventura park is the ideal place to enjoy an adventurous day in a group. Groups of friends, schools, associations or leisure centres that want to enjoy a different experience to celebrate an event, create bonds or cohesion.
Group rates:

Residents 10% discount.
From 10 to 24 participants: 10% discount each.
From 25 to 50 participants: 15% discount each.
Over 50 participants: 20% discount each.

Birthday parties and anniversaries

Are you dreaming of an adventurous birthday party? Or would you like to give to your friends an unforgettable outdoor day? *

Bachelor/bachelorette party

Did your group of friends delegate you to organize a stag or hen party? Surprise them with an original proposal: the groom-to-be or the bride-to-be can distract themselves from their pre-wedding commitments with a day full of emotion and fun. *

Schools, leisure and summer centres and associations

Do you need to organise an outing or a special day for a school or association? The open air, group activity and training with a qualified instructor will allow children, young people and adults to have fun in total safety, build group bonds and gain self-confidence. *

*Book a day at the park or contact us for a personalised proposal: trails, benches, kiosk service. Price to be agreed privately depending on the services required and the number of participants.

*For organised groups, a confirmation e-mail is mandatory within 3 days of the event, indicating the exact number of participants and their height.



In April/May and October the park will be open every Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 10:00 to 18:00.
During the week we expect you to make reservations with a minimum number of participants.


From 1 June to 31 August we are open every day from 10:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00. In September from 9:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00.

Rest of the year

The rest of the year we open by appointment from 10 a.m. until sunset with a minimum number of participants.

*On request for groups, with a minimum number of participants, schools, scouts, parties and birthdays, we open any day of the year, weather permitting. In case of bad weather conditions (rain and/or strong wind) the park may close without notice.